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Mitigate Your Facility's Exposure

Our Power System Study services will help ensure electrical reliability and safety by evaluating protective devices, calculating incident energy, posting arc-flash labels and creating an electrical one-line.

What's an Arc-Flash Study?

An arc-flash hazard analysis is a safety-related study that investigates a worker’s potential exposure to arc-flash energy. Arc-flash energy is the result of an arc developing in the air that causes a sudden pressure increase and extreme localized heating which is destructive to nearby equipment and hazardous to people. An arc-flash hazard analysis should be performed as a component of an overall electrical safety program.

Arc Flash Statistics

Why Perform an Arc-Flash Study?

OSHA considers electrical arc-flash to be a recognizable hazard and it is the facility’s responsibility to communicate this hazard to employees and contractors. The results of the arc-flash hazard analysis will provide the information an electrical worker needs to select appropriate PPE to defend against the thermal components of an arc-flash event.


NFPA 70E provides the formal requirement for the arc-flash hazard analysis while OSHA refers to the NFPA 70E as the national consensus standard for compliance. The IEEE 1584 standard provides the mathematical equations to perform arc-flash hazard analysis calculations.

Our Process

Our process starts with data collection where our field experts gather all the necessary information from your electrical system. Once we have collected the data, we create a digital model of your facility’s electrical distribution system. This model is used to complete the engineering analysis, which includes multiple safety engineering analyses such as Short Circuit Analysis, Protective Device Coordination Analysis, Protective Device Interrupt Rating Analysis, and Incident Energy Analysis.

We understand that safety is a top priority, and that's why we go the extra mile to ensure that your electrical equipment is properly labeled with customized, site-specific, and NFPA 70E-compliant Arc Flash safety labels. Our labeling process is designed to ensure that all equipment is clearly labeled with the necessary information, making it easier for your employees to understand the potential hazards associated with each piece of equipment.

At Midwest Electrical Experts, we provide a detailed report of findings and recommendations, which is provided in both printed and digital formats. The report includes any findings that describe dangerous conditions within the facility and recommendations for mitigating these hazards. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions and take appropriate action to keep your facility safe.

Failure to properly assess and mitigate the risks associated with arc flash hazards can have severe consequences, including serious injury and even death. That's why it's important to trust the experts at Midwest Electrical Experts to help you identify potential hazards and develop customized solutions that meet the unique needs of your facility.

When are arc flash studies required?

All industrial and commercial facilities should have an arc-flash study conducted. The NFPA 70E requires arc-flash studies to be revised every 5 years or after any significant electrical upgrade.

Let Midwest Electrical Experts help you get your electrical safety program off the ground! We provide customized arc-flash studies for customers in many different industries including education, medical, agricultural, manufacturing, oil & gas, utility, aviation and others.


We work directly with your in-house electricians, preferred contractor or with our own technicians to gather detailed information about your facility to create a system model that is used for the study.

Contact us today to learn more about our arc flash mitigation services.
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